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The Five Day Bible Reading Schedule will be available for FREE on December 26, 2020.

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It is never enough to simply read the Bible. To live it, one must understand it. The Reader's Companion for the Five Day Bible Reading Schedule helps you do just that. Following the popular Five Day Bible Reading Schedule the Companion offers introductions to each book of the Bible as it appears on the schedule, and key comments to help you understand difficult verses, puzzling texts, and the overall flow and impact of the current reading. Reading the NT portion of the Companion you will find application at the close of each week's readings. The OT part of the Companion helps harmonize the history of Israel, especially with prophets and kings. The Reader's Companion is over 140 pages. Every chapter of the Bible is treated except for the book of Psalms. While not an in-depth commentary (that would take too long to read each day) the Reader's Companion provides just the right amount of practical, key information to help your daily Bible reading become Bible study. Give it a try!

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